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Allan Creighton
Allan Creighton is director of education and training for the TODOS Institute, and has conducted trainings and workshops for the Institute since its founding in 1991. He joined TODOS' parent organization, New Bridges, as staff training facilitator, in 1987.

Allan is co-founder and former director of the Oakland Men's Project. Begun in 1979, OMP is a grassroots multicultural agency devoted to building alliances across lines of race, age, gender, sexual orientation and economic background to eliminate interpersonal and institutional violence, in particular, men's violence against women. OMP trainings range from introductory workshops on "unlearning" sexism, racism, and other social oppressions to multi-year training programs for school districts, service providers and criminal justice institutions.

Allan is also co-founder and former director of Men Overcoming Violence (MOVE), a counseling intervention program for men who batter in heterosexual and gay relationships. He founded and directed the award-winning Teen Program for Battered Women's Alternatives, the largest domestic violence service in the Bay area, a designated model program for the State of California, providing primary prevention education for 45,000 youth and adults on domestic and dating violence, sexual assault and interracial conflict.

In the above capacities he has conducted trainings for adult professionals and youth across the state and country since 1979.

Allan was born and raised by New England parents in a farming community in Pennsylvania. He is married to Julie Nesnansky, a specialist in early education for developmentally disabled infants and children, and lives in Oakland.


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