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Randy Flood M.A.
Randy Flood is director of the Men's Resource Center at Fountain Hill in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has provided specialized evaluation and counseling services for men since 1992, including men with domestic abuse issues.

Randy is credentialed as a Limited Licensed Psychologist and holds an M.A. in Counseling Psychology. A member and former chair of the Batterer Intervention Services Coalition of Michigan, Randy has also served as a consultant to the State Court Administrator regarding domestic abuse and divorce mediation. Randy provides consultation and training to organizations and workshop participants on domestic abuse, particularly on intervention and treatment of men. He is frequently sought out by the media to educate communities about sex addiction, anti-bullying initiatives in schools, positive coaching, and raising boys in the new millennium. Randy lives with his partner, Stephanie, and two children, Zachary and Anna.


Stop Hurting the Woman You Love
Breaking the Cycle of Abusive Behavior
Softcover, 224 pp.