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Judi Hollis, Ph.D.
Dr. Judi Hollis has been counseling addicted families since 1967 when she helped open New York City's Addiction Treatment Agency's Phoenix House programs. She went on to train counselors internationally after opening the nation's first addiction's model Eating Disorder unit in 1975. Her HOPE Institutes treated thousands in New York, Los Angeles, Memphis, and Palm Springs.

She holds graduate degrees in rehabilitation counseling and counseling psychology from USC and is a licensed marriage and family counselor with special training in addiction and sexuality. She teaches on a number of faculties, is a regular presenter with Learning Annex, a regular guest on national talk show, and host of the call-in radio show Dr. Jude's Ladies' Locker Room.

Her best seller, Fat is a Family Affair, has been translated into several languages, and is considered the benchmark treatise on eating disorder treatment and family therapy. Her work and focus on her books, Fat & Furious and Hot & Heavy, have been featured in Shape, Teen, Glamour, Self, Cosmopolitan, and Elle magazines.

She currently maintains a private practice in New York City and presents retreats at the Omega Institute and Palm Springs, California.


Fat Is a Family Affair, Second Edition
How Food Obsessions Affect Relationships
Softcover, 324 pp.