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Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D.
Born in France and came to the United States with my family at the beginning of World War II. He lived in New York City where, after learning English, completed grade school and high school and became a U.S. citizen in 1946. Subsequently, entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned a B.S. degree in electronics engineering.

Was employed in the aerospace industry for the next twenty years in engineering, management and consulting positions. During that time, obtained a Master of Engineering Management degree from the Engineering Executive Program at UCLA. As time passed, I became more interested in the human aspects of management and increasingly disenchanted with the military/industrial complex.

During the early seventies, was hit by a transitional, mid-life crisis out of which came a spiritual awakening, renewed energy, a change of career, and my first book, The Twelve Steps for Everyone ... who really wants them. The book has sold more than half a million copies to date.

My new career--actually careers--became psychotherapy and writing. At age 47, returned to school and earned an M.A. degree in Counseling, and later, a Ph.D. in Psychology. Marriage and Family Therapist license was granted in 1980. I have maintained a private practice at my office in Sherman Oaks ever since. I have been a speaker at professional conferences and a contributor to recovery magazines.

Having been married and single in my life, and have learned from these experiences that one can grow in a close relationship as well as outside one. For me, both have been necessary steps toward wholeness.

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