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Living in Balance Recovery Management Sessions 13-37 Manual and USB
Revised and Updated for DSM-5, Moving from a Life of Addiction to a Life of Recovery
Item: 7691
Author: Jeffrey A. Hoffman, Ph.D.
Author: Mim J. Landry
Author: Barry D. Caudill, Ph.D.


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Recovery Management Sessions offers client education on in-depth, focused topics, such as self-help and Twelve Step programs, physical issues, social and family issues, sexual abuse and compulsive sexual behaviors, grief and loss, money management, nutrition and exercise, medication-assisted treatment, chronic pain and opioids, strategies for older adults, and advanced relapse prevention. Recovery Management Sessions includes a facilitator guide and twenty-five client sessions with associated printable client worksheets. Recovery Management Sessions can be used as a supplement to Core Program by allowing a counselor to select individual session topics to match each client's specific needs.

Living in Balance was updated for DSM-5 compliance and sessions were added to cover rising topics such as chronic pain and opioids, managing chronic diseases, older adults in recovery, and medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders.
  • Recovery Management Sessions includes the following:
  • Session 13: Introduction to Self-Help Groups
  • Session 14: The Twelve Steps
  • Session 15: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Session 16: Focus on AIDS
  • Session 17: Nutrition and Exercise
  • Session 18: Physical Wellness
  • Session 19: Problem Solving
  • Session 20: Attitudes and Beliefs
  • Session 21: Human Needs and Social Relationships
  • Session 22: Family Matters
  • Session 23: You and Your Parents
  • Session 24: Child Development and Parenting Skills
  • Session 25: Educational and Vocational Goals
  • Session 26: Money Management
  • Session 27: Insurance and Consumer Credit
  • Session 28: Sexual Abuse
  • Session 29: Compulsive Sexual Behavior
  • Session 30: Addiction and Loss
  • Session 31: Grief: Responding to Loss
  • Session 32: Spirituality and Personality
  • Session 33: Advanced Relapse Prevention
  • Session 34: Medication-Assisted Treatment and Twelve Step Recovery
  • Session 35: Chronic Pain and Opioids
  • Session 36: Chronic Diseases
  • Session 37: Older Adults
You can group sessions for specific issues (e.g., sexual abuse or grief and loss), specific client populations (e.g., clients at high risk for sexually transmitted diseases), or unique treatment tracks (e.g., spirituality and self-help). It comes with a three-ring binder for easy organization.

To learn more about Living in Balance's Core Program (sessions 1-12). Learn more about the 10 sessions for co-occurring disorders.

All client materials are reproducible and provided on a USB, allowing you to print and use only what you need.

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These Recovery Management Sessions are also available in a convenient, online subscription.
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Item: 7691
ISBN-13: 9781616496098
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2015

Living in Balance is a comprehensive recovery program, which meets DSM-5 classifications, that incorporates a biopsychosocial approach to strengthening neglected areas of an addict's life. These 25 optional sessions give you the greatest opportunity to customize your treatment program and to meet specific topic and client needs.
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