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Moving On Curriculum
A Program for At-Risk Women
5 manuals, DVD and USB
Item: 7920
Author:  Orbis Partners Inc.


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Moving On: A Program for At-Risk Women provides women with alternatives to criminal activity by helping them identify and mobilize personal and community resources.
  • Flexible and open-ended intervention program, allowing for continuous intake
  • Draws on the evidence-based treatment models of relational theory and cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Ideal for group or individuals in community corrections as well as institutional settings
Program content is organized around four main themes:
  1. encouraging personal responsibility and enhancing motivation for change
  2. expanding connections and building healthy relationships
  3. skill enhancement, development, and maintenance
  4. relaxation and stress management skills
The complete program includes 6 modules delivered in five facilitator's guides, a USB containing the program manual and all reproducible handouts, and one DVD featuring real Moving On participants demonstrating the skills they learned in the program.

The complete program includes:
Five facilitator's guides (modules 1 and 6, module 2, module 3, module 4, module 5), a swivel USB containing handouts and a program manual and 1 DVD.

Marilyn Van Dieten is a registered clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience in the implementation, training, and development of programs with offenders. She is a board member of Orbis Partners, a human services consulting group that designs and implements evidence-based practices among high-risk client groups. Dr. Van Dieten is frequently invited to present research and practical information to groups who have a special interest in working with women and girls.

Read through chapter 1 of each module - files are in PDF format.

Download the supplemental sessions free of charge! These sessions can be incorporated during module 5 of the Moving On program. The four files include:


Item: 7920
ISBN-13: 9781592854950
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2010
This flexible intervention program draws from evidence-based treatment models and provides at-risk women with alternatives to criminal activities by helping them identify and mobilize personal and community resources.
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