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Coping with Stress Curriculum
A CBT Program for Teens with Trauma
Facilitator manual with CD-ROM and 10 Handbooks
Item: 3899
Author: Mary K. Jankowski, Ph.D.
Author: Harriet J. Rosenberg, M.A.
Author: Stanley D. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Author: Kim T. Mueser, Ph.D.


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In the largest national survey of adolescents, 5 million teens reported experiencing a serious physical assault, 1.8 million reported sexual assault, and 8.8 million had witnessed interpersonal violence. Research over the past two decades has consistently shown that, while often under-reported, the effects of trauma are pervasive among teens.

This unique program addresses the needs of young people living with PTSD and other symptoms of trauma. With educational materials, practice in relaxation breathing, and training in identifying and re-framing unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, this flexible program's core skills can be taught within a few sessions, allowing participants to begin addressing their symptoms as quickly as possible.

Coping with Stress is also effective in treating teens and young adults struggling with other symptoms related to trauma, including depression, anxiety, anger, or behavioral problems such as substance abuse or aggression. The complete program includes a facilitator guide, participant handbook, and a CD-ROM containing facilitator materials and reproducible participant handouts.


Item: 3899
ISBN-13: 9781616491178
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2011
A flexible and effective curriculum for treating teens suffering from the symptoms of trauma. Teach the core skills within a few sessions, and participants can begin addressing their symptoms immediately.
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