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Intake and Orientation Workbook
A New Direction A Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Curriculum
Workbook, 112 pp
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Created in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Corrections, A New Direction is a comprehensive, cognitive-behavioral treatment curriculum for offenders with substance use disorder. The curriculum is divided into six core modules and a Co-occurring Disorders module. Learn more about A New Direction Complete Collection.

Intake & Orientation is the first module in the program. Offenders will learn what to expect in a treatment program and become familiar with some basic rules of such a program. The 112 page participant workbook, written at a sixth-grade level, contains materials that reflect real-life experiences of offenders with addiction and activities that demonstrate addictive and criminal thought processes. Thirty-six exercises cover: Welcome to Treatment, Living in a Therapeutic Community, Introduction to Thinking about Your Thinking, and Introduction to Addiction and Recovery.

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A New Direction Complete Collection: Everything you need to implement this evidence-based and proven-effective program including the six core modules, guidebooks for administrators and staff, outcome studies, forms and research studies. An additional 48 sessions that span all six modules are included in the complete collection (not all available in the individual modules), allowing you to extend your program based on the needs of the clients you serve.


Read a summary of research for A New Direction.


You can implement A New Direction with fidelity and ease. Hazelden offers training on many products to help you develop an in-depth understanding of the program and its components and to create a long-term plan for your implementation. Click here to find out more.

Questions? Contact Hazelden sales at 800-328-9000 to determine the most cost-effective solution for you.


Item: 3937
ISBN-13: 9781616491765
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2002
Part of a core module of A New Direction, Hazelden's evidence-based pioneering treatment program. Encourage clients to think about why they chose to participate in a treatment program and what they need to do to turn their lives around.
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