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Double Trouble in Recovery
Basic Guide
Softcover, 184 pp.
Item: 3818
Author: Howard Vogel


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Since 1989, clients with severe co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders have found experience, strength, and hope through the Twelve Step group Double Trouble in Recovery (DTR). This new Hazelden program helps you be an advocate for clients who wish to start and run a DTR self-help group. Double Trouble in Recovery: Basic Guide is the equivalent to the Alcoholics Anonymous book for those dealing with severe mental illness and addiction. Priced economically for care-free distribution to group members.

Visit Double Trouble in Recovery for more information and resources.

Also available as an E-book available to purchase from your favorite e-book retailer.


Item: 3818
ISBN-13: 9781592858293
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2010
Enhance your professional and peer-leader training with this unique Hazelden program that helps you advocate for clients who want to start and run a Double Trouble in Recovery self-help group -- the only evidence-based peer support group for people with co-occurring disorders.
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