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Easy Does It
A Book of Daily 12 Step Meditations
Softcover, 400 pages
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From the Introduction

Easy Does It is a slogan and a philosophy of all 12 Step Fellowships. Those who work toward progress in recovery are advised to be patient. When they go slowly - and solutions to problems and situations begin to appear - they can take action.

Easy Does It reminds one not to rush the Program faster than it can go, but to grow into the Program. Waiting patiently and carefully is not procrastinating. Every moment spent learning is an investment in the knowledge that one is finding the right answers.

This book is for members of all 12 Step Fellowships dedicated to a sane and manageable way of life, free of addictions, compulsions, and dependencies.

The "keep it simple" manner in which this book is written will help newcomers with the basics of the Program. Members who have more time in recovery will also benefit. As old-timers often say, "We never stop learning. As we will always be a student in our Program, we remain teachable, we continue to open our minds to accept and our hearts to understand."

The Program suggests to 12 Step members that they have a quiet time each morning and "dress their minds as carefully as they dress their bodies." These daily recovery readings will guide you in planning and organizing positive thoughts and attitudes as each day begins.

At the end of the book is an inventory checklist, the 12 Steps and Traditions, and an index which allows you to use this book at any time to check a topic and gather helpful insight. The Twelve Step Prayer book, a companion book to Easy Does It, provides a collection of the best-loved prayers used by Twelve Step members for your prayer life.

May these daily readings help you in the morning, throughout your day, and on your journey with your fellow travelers.
--Bill Pittman

Also available as an E-book available to purchase from your favorite e-book retailer.


Item: 6424
ISBN-13: 9781568385075
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 1990
Easy Does It reminds people in recovery to not rush through the program but to grow into it. This book is for members of all Twelve Step Fellowships dedicated to a sane and manageable life, free of addictions, compulsions, and dependencies.
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