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AA Silver Medallion Special Order
AA Silver Medallion Special Order
Special Order Medallion
Item: 9476
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Price: $48.35 Each

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These specially coined, highly polished silver anniversary medallions lend an elegant touch to important anniversaries. They make very, very special gifts and become prized keepsakes.
Made of .4 ounce, .999 fine silver. 1-5/16" diameter.

Available only for anniversary dates of 55 and 60 years. Be sure to select year from drop down once in the cart.
*Medallion is engraved with your years of sobriety in Roman Numerals.

*All special order items are non-returnable.
*Delivery within 3 weeks.
**This item can not be shipped to addresses outside of the United Sates or Canada.

*Image is for display, actual medallion is unique to year.


Item: 9476
Published Year: 1989
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