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Living in Balance Co-occurring Disorders Sessions 38-47 Manual and CD-ROM
Revised and Updated for DSM-5, Moving from a Life of Addiction to a Life of Recovery
Softcover, 96 pp., with CD
Item: 7692
Author: Jeffrey A. Hoffman, Ph.D.
Author: Mim J. Landry
Author: Barry D. Caudill, Ph.D.


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Co-occurring Disorders Sessions focuses on co-occurring disorders topics, including treatment, phases of dual recovery, self-help groups, medication use, relapse prevention, and more. It includes a facilitator guide and ten client sessions with associated printable client worksheets. Co-occurring Disorders Sessions can be used as a supplement to Core Program by allowing a counselor to integrate a client's mental health disorder treatment into his or her addiction treatment program.

The Co-occurring Disorders Sessions includes the following:
  • Session 38: Effects of Substance Use on Mental Health
  • Session 39: What Are Co-occurring Disorders?
  • Session 40: Comprehensive Treatment and Medications for Substance Use Disorders
  • Session 41: Phases of Dual Recovery
  • Session 42: Twelve Steps for Co-occurring Disorders
  • Session 43: Mutual Self-Help Groups and Co-occurring Disorders
  • Session 44: Important Issues about Mental Health Medications
  • Session 45: Relapse Prevention I: Building a Recovery Support System
  • Session 46: Relapse Prevention II: Making the Best Decisions
  • Session 47: Seeking Help for Co-occurring Disorders
To learn more about Living in Balance's Core Program (sessions 1-12). Learn more about the 25 sessions for Recovery Management.

All client materials are reproducible and provided on a CD-ROM, allowing you to print and use only what you need.

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This Co-occurring program is also available in a convenient, online subscription.
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Item: 7692
ISBN-13: 9781616496104
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2015

The Co-occurring Disorders Sessions are ideal for use with clients living with a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. These revised sessions have been updated to meet DSM-5 classifications and reflect the most current information on co-occurring disorders.

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