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Reclaim Your Family from Addiction An incomparable resource for families facing addiction.
Reclaim Your Family from Addiction
How Couples and Families Recover Love and Meaning
Softcover, 288 pp.
Item: 1192
Author: Craig Nakken


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What happens to the "we" of a family when one member opts for the blind and single-minded "me" of addiction? In an instructive, reassuring way, Craig Nakken explains just how families and couples who have spent years building a life together can lose their cohesive identity and meaning in the wake of addiction. The perfect starting point in the healing process, this book Reclaim Your Family From Addiction-also reminds us that recovery is possible--for individuals, couples, and whole families--if only we know what to do. With histories, personal stories, and the latest research, the book helps readers chart their own way out of the hell of addiction and back to the fullness of family by using principles that restore the "we" of lasting, loving relationships.

Craig Nakken, M.S.W., author of The Addictive Personality and Men's Issues in Recovery, lectures, trains, and specializes as a family therapist in the treatment of addiction. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Item: 1192
ISBN-13: 9781568385198
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2000
An incomparable resource for families facing addiction.
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