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Spanish Drug and Alcohol Education Workbook
Educacion Sobre Drogas y Alcohol
Workbook, 168 pp.
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Select client workbooks from A New Direction, our acclaimed cognitive-behavioral treatment curriculum, are available in Spanish. The standard translation is free of dialect and understandable in all regions. The workbooks
  • are formatted so text flow matches the English-language workbook and facilitator's guide--allowing everyone to stay on the same page
  • allow one facilitator to work with both English- and Spanish-speaking clients maximizing opportunity for cognitive understanding because clients complete exercises in their primary language
To learn more about the research, history, and benefits of A New Direction visit A New Direction information site.

For information about additional components for Un Nuevo Rumbo, contact Hazelden's Publishing and Educational Outreach, or call 1-800-328-9000.

Frequently Asked Questions About A New Direction

Information, exercises, and activities in the Drug & Alcohol Education workbook will help offenders understand addiction as a chronic, progressive, and treatable disease. Offenders will

  • learn about the nature and symptoms of addiction and the process of recovery
  • understand the effects of alcohol and other drugs (emotional, spiritual, social, legal, financial, and vocational)
  • work through the fear and grief of taking a first step
  • recognize the warning signs of relapse (HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired)

    Workbooks use phrases and describe situations that are familiar to criminals and addicts. Quotes from offenders underscore key concepts.


    Item: 9769
    ISBN-13: 9781592851294
    Publisher: Hazelden
    Published Year: 2004
Part of a core module of A New Direction, Hazelden's evidence-based pioneering treatment program. Encourage clients to draw the connection between drug and alcohol addiction and criminal activity.
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