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Flex Modules Why Am I Here Journal, Pkg. of 25
An Impaired Driving Series
8-1/2 x 11, 16 pp.
Item: 6743
Author:  The Change Companies
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The Flex Modules Series provides a flexible alternative to the Responsible Decisions: Impaired Driving Program, allowing for the use of each of the six modules as stand-alone curricula or as supplements to an existing impaired driving program. Using evidence-based Interactive Journaling, this program works effectively with a range of impaired driving programs, from first- to multiple-offender programs. The Flex Modules Series can also be used with Level I or II education interventions or as components of substance use treatment for impaired driving offenders. This participant-focused, user-friendly curriculum:
  • Offers a personalized road map for good decision making
  • Aligns with common state impaired driving education standards
  • Incorporates a colorful, Interactive Journaling format
  • Includes a personal change plan, which can be integrated across the course hours
  • Emphasizes personal responsibility and commitment to change
  • Moves beyond basic education to application of effective strategies for behavior change
The Why Am I Here? module asks participants to explore their arrest experiences and how they can make positive changes to their driving behavior. The journal includes self-monitoring charts to track use and driving behavior.

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Item: 6743
ISBN-13: 9781617021688
Publisher: The Change Companies
Published Year: 2016

The Flex Modules Series allows for each module to be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement to an existing impaired driving program. This module explores the arrest experience and how to make positive changes to driving behavior by utilizing self-monitoring charts.

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