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My Ongoing Recovery, Pkg. of 30 Workbooks
MORE: The Basics, Owning It, The New You Workbooks
30 Workbooks, 10 Each of 3
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Most addiction relapses occur within the first eighteen months of recovery, with most happening within the first six months after an individual leaves treatment. Research conducted by the Hazelden Foundation suggests that if individuals remain abstinent for at least one year after treatment, they have a better chance of staying sober for the rest of their lives.

My Ongoing Recovery Experience (MORE) is an award-winning, evidence-based online program created by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in 2006 to support program participants in the critical months after treatment and move them toward effective self-management. This print adaptation of the online program uses core education, guidance, and skill-building activities to help participants succeed in initiating and sustaining recovery.

MORE takes clients through the following three workbooks that cover life skills, accountability, and personal growth.

Workbook 1: The Basics
Workbook 1 helps clients build a stable lifestyle to support recovery. Starting with the basics, it includes lessons on how to make a safe living environment and create healthy daily routines. It also covers lessons on the Twelve Steps, the importance of going to meetings, and how a sponsor can help with recovery. Clients will learn about powerlessness as the foundation of Step One, relapse basics, the warning signs of relapse, how to create a relapse prevention plan, and how to deal with a relapse if it does happen.

Workbook 2: Owning It
Workbook 2 helps clients make a daily habit of implementing practices and skills that support recovery. Clients will learn to replace old routines with healthy habits and dig deeper into foundational recovery skills. Topics in this workbook include relapse prevention, utilizing peer support, improving relationships and communication skills, and how to put the concepts of Steps One and Two into action. This includes accepting the disease of addiction and moving from self-reliance toward accepting support from others to utilize their wisdom and experience in recovery.

Workbook 3: The New You
Workbook 3 offers deeper guidance on putting recovery principles into action and seeing the work pay off in significant personal growth. Clients should start to see growth and transformation in their life as they continue deeper work in recovery principles, such as understanding the Twelve Steps, working Step Three, deepening their spiritual practice, focusing on improving daily habits and thinking patterns, and better managing the key recovery components of their daily schedule.

Package contains 10 of each workbook (30 workbooks total).

Learn about the MORE program: recovery support, history, outcomes, and informational video.

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Item: 612230
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2018

This collection of the three My Ongoing Recovery Experience MORE participant workbooks provide education and skill-building on essential recovery topics; the activities help participants discover how to put what they are learning into action in their lives.

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