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Too Good For Drugs Grade 2 Kit -Revised
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Too Good for Drugs is an evidence-based, interactive classroom curriculum designed to help students learn: cognitive skills for making decisions, how to manage emotions; and social strategies to refuse peer pressure.

Through grade-specific lesson kits utilizing dolls, puppets, games, characters and other fun interactions Too Good for Drugs engages staff and students in age-appropriate positive team learning about the consequences of using alcohol and other drugs.

Second graders enjoy learning skills for safe and healthy living in this interactive prevention curriculum. With the help of their good friend, Wagner, children learn how to handle frustration, manage their emotions, and identify consequences, in order to make good decisions and avoid problem behavior. Second graders are also introduced to prescription and over the counter drugs, and safe and appropriate ways to use them.

The complete Too Good for Drugs Grade 2 Kit includes all the tools you need to teach these skills with minimal preparation: Teacher's Manual, 25 Student Workbooks, Game for Good Health Game Boards (pack of 10), Wagner the Peace-Able Pup Puppet, Grade 2 Music CD.

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Item: 4038
Publisher: Mendez Foundation
Published Year: 2019
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