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The Clean and Free Workbook Facilitator's Guide
The Quit & Stay Quit Nicotine Cessation Program
Facilitator's Guide, 28 pp.
Item: 5683
Author: Terry A. Rustin, M.D.


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The Facilitator's Guide will help:

-Identify client susceptibility to treatment with a proven,
six-stage process model for targeted, effective help at the
appropriate time.

-Assist clinicians in maximizing the benefits of the
workbooks and videos in both individual and group

-Demonstrate how to treat nicotine dependence like other
addictions, set appropriate client schedules, apply specific
therapies and theories, treat withdrawal, and use the
program in treatment settings.

This is part of the Quit & Stay Quit Nicotine Cessation Program. A simple, thorough, proven program to help people at any stage of nicotine use tackle the addiction-and possibly save their lives.

What the Nicotine Cessation Program offers:

-Imparts vital information about the nature and dangers of
nicotine in clear, forthright language.

-Enhances treatment outcomes with a multiformat program
combining the best elements of behavioral therapy and
Twelve Step philosophy.

-Helps providers reach more clients in less time -- flexible,
streamlined materials adapt to specific clinical needs.

-Supports a variety of counseling scenarios, including
self-directed study.

-Improves the odds of implementing a successful smoke-
free environment for treatment, corrections, and other
service providers.

-Reduces the risk of relapse for chemically dependent


Item: 5683
ISBN-13: 9781592855698
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 1995
This Nicotine Cessation Program facilitator's guide provides short, focused, achievable learning sessions, allowing clients to move at their own pace, building confidence, clarity, and a strong motivation to quit.
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