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The Story Behind the Little Red Book
The Evolution of a Twelve Step Classic
Softcover, 168 pp.
Item: 4270
Author: Damian McElrath, D.H.E.


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Discover how the author of The Little Red Book--and the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous--brought its enduring Twelve Step wisdom to millions in recovery.

Inspired by Step Twelve—to "carry the message" to others—AA visionary Ed Webster began in the 1940s to compile some Twelve Step insights for newcomers to the Fellowship, using his home group as a sounding board. Later, when this guide was published as The Little Red Book, it quickly became a recovery mainstay, a beloved companion to the "Big Book," the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous.

AA historian Damian McElrath tells the lively story behind the book that has helped millions put the Steps to work in their daily lives. We see how Webster's ideas evolved, revealed by the margin notes in his own copy of The Little Red Book. His letters with Bill W. and Dr. Bob reveal how AA's founders helped ignite the book's popularity among those in recovery. As the book went back to press dozens of times, Webster's revisions show both the staying power of the heart of the work and the flexibility of the author and his supporters as they grew and learned on their own recovery journeys."

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Item: 4270
ISBN-13: 9781616495053
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2014
Discover the genesis of The Little Red Book and explore why this recovery mainstay has enriched the experience of millions in recovery across the generations.
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