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It Takes a Family
A Cooperative Approach to Lasting Sobriety
Softcover, 370 pp.
Item: 7559
Author: Debra Jay


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Most books on recovery from addiction focus on either the addict or the family. While most alcoholics and addicts coming out of treatment have a recovery plan, families are often left to figure things out for themselves. In It Takes a Family, Debra Jay takes a fresh approach to the recovery process by making family members and friends part of the recovery team, beginning in the early stages of sobriety.

Through straightforward, compassionate language, she outlines a structured model that shows families how to work collaboratively and as individuals to find an appropriate balance between personal responsibility and building a circle of support to meet the challenges common to the first year of recovery. Together, family members will address the challenges of enabling, denial, and pain, while developing their communication skills through practical, easy-to-follow strategies and exercises designed to create transparency and accountability.

With this invaluable guide, family members work together as they reinvent their relationships without the all-consuming dysfunction of active addiction.

The following free 10 PDF download files are checklists and agreements that families can use to organize their recovery.

Addiction Relapse Warning Signs
Daily Recovery Checklist
Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light Decision-Making Checklist
The Eight Essential Elements
Family Relapse Warn Signs
Recovery Plan Check list
Relapse Agreement
SFR (Structured Family Recovery) Chair person Checklist
SFR (Structured Family Recovery) Overview Checklist
SFR (Structured Family Recovery) Secretary Checklist

Also available as an E-book available to purchase from your favorite e-book retailer.


Item: 7559
ISBN-13: 9781616495343
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2014
Counselor and interventionist Debra Jay offers a revolutionary approach to recovery that shows the addict and his or her loved ones how to work collaboratively and as individuals to take on the roles and responsibilities that support long-term sobriety.
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