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Choosing a Good Life
Lessons from People Who Have Found Their Place in the World
Softcover, 200 pages
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Author: Ali Berman


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Ever wonder why some people seem to be at peace despite the ups and downs daily life can bring, while others are restless even in seemingly ideal circumstances?

In Choosing a Good Life, Alyson Berman explores what it means to be at peace with ourselves, our choices, and the world around us in all its glorious chaos. She takes us into the lives of people who, despite their vastly different talents, challenges, and interests, have achieved a deep sense of balance in and satisfaction with their lives. Stories include those of Holocaust survivor Emery Jacoby, who rose above anger and bitterness to reaffirm the good in himself and others, along with Sungrai Sohn, a violin prodigy and gifted teacher who lives in the shadow of a potentially fatal illness and many other inspiring life stories. Berman then pinpoints their common approaches and qualities to reveal how they have found contentment—and how we can too.

With Choosing a Good Life you will have the tools and guidance to:

  • identify what you truly value,
  • make use of the pain and trials of life to make you stronger, and
  • set priorities to find more time and energy for the things that bring you satisfaction.
Learn how to achieve something that eludes so many of us—the sense of purpose that comes with deep self-acceptance.

Also available as an E-book – available to purchase from your favorite e-book retailer.


Item: 7538
ISBN-13: 9781616494681
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2014
Discover the common approaches and qualities of those who, despite life's adversities, are at peace in the world and learn how you can be too.
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