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eBook Choosing a Good Life
The Qualities of People at Peace with the World and What we can Learn from Them
Item: EB7538
Author: Ali Berman


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The author mines her role as senior editor for the popular "good gossip" social media site Ecorazzi to gain access to a fascinating group of people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and life paths whose stories of how they remained true to themselves in making their place in the world—often in the face of hardship and social pressure to conform—by trusting their unique talents, inspirational mentors, and inner moral compass, present role models for readers exploring their own life's purpose and place in the world. She teases out the themes and characteristics, with supporting data from social scientists and psychologists that are common among self defined, purpose-driven people to offer guideposts for readers.


Item: EB7538
ISBN-13: 9781616495350
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2014

Discover the common approaches and qualities of those who, despite life's adversities, are at peace in the world and learn how you can be too.

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