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eBook My Thinning Years
Starving the Gay Within
Item: EB7515
Author: Jon Derek Croteau, Ed.D.


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The dramatic, unflinching story of a gay man's transformative journey from childhood and young adult years that were scarred by the pervasive disapproval of an abusive father, resulting in his retreat into anorexia involving self punishing compulsive exercise and dieting, to an acceptance and affirmation of his gay identity that allowed him to experience a committed, loving relationship and embrace the undying support and respect of his friends and other family members.


Item: EB7515
ISBN-13: 9781616495633
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2014

Jon Derek Croteau brings a heady mixture of raw emotion, pathos, and humor to his powerful journey from self-hatred and punishment to self-affirmation and healing as a gay man in My Thinning Years.
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