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eBook Sex In Recovery
A Meeting Between the Covers
Item: EB9895
Author: Jennifer Matesa


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An important part of the recovery journey is exploring what it means to have an intimate relationship in sobriety. Many of us have never experienced sex in a healthy relationship without being numbed out with drugs and alcohol. The concept of sober sex may seem like uncharted waters and leave you feeling like you don't know how to swim.

In this groundbreaking book, Jennifer Matesa explores how you, as a person in recovery, can reclaim your “God-given sex powers” and experience the honest physical pleasure that fulfills your need for healthy connection and intimacy.

Through a combination of candid, affirming testimonies from people from across a wide spectrum of genders and sexual orientations, advice from professionals, and Matesa's own insights, you will come to understand how sexual energy can be a healthy life-force that heals and provides motivation for engagement in other productive areas of life: work, family, and community.

Jennifer Matesa has written about health for more than twenty years and authors the award-winning blog Guinevere Gets Sober. She is a regular contributor to, and in 2013 she became a fellow of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. She is the author of The Recovering Body (Hazelden, 2014).


Item: EB9895
ISBN-13: 9781616496623
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2016
With this groundbreaking work, Sex in Recovery, Jennifer Matesa uncovers the challenges real people encounter when they start taking their clothes off--without drinking or using in order to do so. Providing readers "a meeting between the covers," Matesa blends first-person accounts bravely shared by diverse members of the recovery community, insights from experts, and her own perspectives. The result is a book that creates a space for a vital, new dialogue about sexuality and intimacy. As we find a common language for this more hidden aspect of our healing, we can truly "practice these principles in all our affairs."
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