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Get Ready Clean and Free Workbook 1
Quit & Stay Quit Nicotine Cessation Program
Workbook, 32 pp.
Item: 5680
Author: Terry A. Rustin, M.D.


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Short, focused, achievable learning sessions allow clients to move at their own pace-building confidence, clarity, and a strong motivation to quit.

The Get Ready - Clean and Free Workbook 1

-Highlights the reasons for quitting and helps clients
identify when and why they craved nicotine the most.

-It examines the personal signs of addiction, including
activities and behaviors associated with nicotine use.

This is part of the Quit& Stay Quit Nicotine Cessation Program. A simple, thorough, proven program to help people at any stage of nicotine use tackle the addiction-and possibly save their lives.

What the Nicotine Cessation Program offers:

-Imparts vital information about the nature and dangers of
nicotine in clear, forthright language.

-Enhances treatment outcomes with a multiformat program
combining the best elements of behavioral therapy and
Twelve Step philosophy.

-Helps providers reach more clients in less time -- flexible,
streamlined materials adapt to specific clinical needs.

-Supports a variety of counseling scenarios, including
self-directed study.

-Improves the odds of implementing a successful smoke-
free environment for treatment, corrections, and other
service providers.

-Reduces the risk of relapse for chemically dependent


Item: 5680
ISBN-13: 9781592855667
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 1995
One of a set if three short, focused workbooks that allow people who want to quit nicotine to move at their own pace-building confidence with clarity and motivation.
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