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Healing Trauma, Second Edition
A Brief Intervention for Women
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Author: Stephanie S. Covington, PhD


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Healing Trauma is an evidence-based, gender-responsive, six-session (90-minute sessions) curriculum for women, designed for settings in which a short-term intervention is needed. Examples are a community-based program, such as a mental health center; an addiction treatment program; a private practice setting; a correctional facility (jail or prison); and an agency addressing domestic violence.

Healing Trauma includes:
  • Foundational information for facilitators
  • Current statistics about abuse and other forms of trauma
  • The latest discoveries, publications, and insights in the field; particularly neuroscience
  • Lectures and activities for the participants that reflect current thinking and practice
  • A variety of yoga poses, grounding activities, and self-soothing activities
The curriculum uses psychoeducational and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, expressive arts, body-focused exercises, mindfulness, and relational therapy.

What Are the Program Components?

Healing Trauma includes a reproducible facilitator guide and a reproducible participant workbook (in both English and Spanish) on a CD-ROM or in a digital delivery format. The facilitator guide contains background information about trauma and session outlines that are similar to lesson plans. The six sessions in the program are:
  • Session 1: Welcome and Introduction to the Subject of Trauma
  • Session 2: Power and Abuse
  • Session 3: The Process of Trauma and Self-Care
  • Session 4: The ACE Questionnaire and Anger
  • Session 5: Healthy Relationships
  • Session 6: Love, Endings, and Certificates
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Dr. Stephanie S. Covington is a nationally recognized clinician, author, organizational consultant, and lecturer. She has developed an innovative, gender-responsive, and trauma-informed approach to the treatment needs of women and girls that results in effective services in public, private, and institutional settings. Learn more about Dr. Covington and her other publications.


Item: 4051
ISBN-13: 9781616496777
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2016

Introducing Healing Trauma, an evidence-based, gender-responsive, six-session (90-minute sessions) curriculum for women, designed for settings in which a short-term intervention is needed. Click on "SHOW MORE" to learn more, download the Scope and Sequence, sample chapters, and watch a video featuring the author Stephanie Covington, Ph.D.
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