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Stage II and Beyond Collection Set of three popular books by noted author and recovery expert Earnie Larsen: <i>Stage II Recovery, Stage II Relationships</i>, and <i>Destination Joy</i>.
Stage II and Beyond Collection
Softcover, 3 Earnie Larsen titles
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Author: Earnie Larsen
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Sustained abstinence from addiction is only the first stage of recovery. Real recovery begins with what author Earnie Larsen calls Stage II: the rebuilding of the life that was saved in early recovery. You pay $38.95 for all three books, a savings of $6.95 over the individual prices.

Stage II Recovery
Life Beyond Addiction

This inspiring, practical guide helps clients see and change self-defeating behaviors and make relationships work.
Softcover, 101 pp.

Stage II Relationships
Love Beyond Addiction

Building on ideas discussed in Stage II Recovery, this book helps chemically dependent people and their loved ones function more capably in healthy, caring relationships.
Softcover, 122 pp.

Destination Joy
Moving Beyond Fear, Loss, and Trauma in Recovery

Considered Earnie Larsens Beyond Stage II book, Destination Joy helps readers find happiness in recovery that may be blocked due to traumatic childhood events.
Softcover, 150 pp.


Item: 0458
Publisher: Hazelden
Set of three popular books by noted author and recovery expert Earnie Larsen: Stage II Recovery, Stage II Relationships, and Destination Joy.
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