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Beyond Trauma Workbook Pkg of 10
A Healing Journey for Women
10 softcover workbooks
Item: 309010
Author: Stephanie S. Covington, PhD


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Beyond Trauma Second Edition: A Healing Journey for Women is an evidence-based, twelve-session program created by Dr. Stephanie Covington, pioneer in the field of women's issues, addiction, and recovery.

The participant workbook is an essential part of the Beyond Trauma program that helps women explore life experiences and the world around them. Its a personal journal where she can write down her feelings, thoughts and ideas and have an opportunity to try out new ways of coping with the impact of trauma on her life. In using this workbook, she will see her strengths and increase her skills that move her further in lifes journey.

Workbook modules and sessions include:

Module A: Violence, Abuse and Trauma

  • Session 1: Introduction to the Program
  • Session 2: The Connections between Violence, Abuse, and Trauma
  • Session 3: Power and Abuse
  • Session 4: The Process of Trauma and Reactions to Trauma
Module B: The Impact of Trauma on Womens Lives
  • Session 5: How Trauma Affects Our Lives
  • Session 6: Abuse and the Family
Module C: Healing from Trauma
  • Session 7: The Connection Between Trauma and Addiction
  • Session 8: Grounding and Self-Soothing
  • Session 9: The Mind and Body Connection
  • Session 10: Our Feelings
  • Session 11: Healthy Relationships
  • Session 12: Endings and Beginnings
Dr. Stephanie S. Covington is a nationally recognized clinician, author, organizational consultant, and lecturer. She has developed an innovative, gender-responsive, and trauma-informed approach to the treatment needs of women and girls that results in effective services in public, private, and institutional settings. Learn more about Dr. Covington and her other publications.

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Item: 309010
ISBN-13: 9781616496852
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2016
This participant workbook is for women to use with Beyond Trauma Second Edition, A Healing Journey for Women sessions. If you have the FIRST EDITION of Beyond Trauma and need workbooks for that curriculum, call your sales representative at 800-328-9000.
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