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TSF for Clinicians CE Test
Hazelden Professional Education
Paper Test only, 250 copies.
Item: 4143
Author: Diane Sholomskas Ph.D.
Author: Kathleen Carroll, Ph.D


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This product is the TSF for Clinicians paper test only. To buy the product on CDs with the paper test, visit our TSF for Clinicians page.

The overall goal of Twelve Step Facilitation (TSF) therapy is to help clients achieve abstinence from alcohol and foster commitment to participation in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). TSF for Clinicians is an online educational program that has been proven to increase clinicians’ skills in implementing TSF therapy. Using examples of supervisor and clinician didactic sessions, the engaging program teaches clinicians how to facilitate five highly structured sessions: Twelve Step Facilitation, acceptance, surrender, getting active in self-help groups, and “people, places, and things.” Clinicians also learn how to use effective counseling skills, present helpful client tools, and use the TSF manual with fidelity.

TSF for Clinicians was developed by Diane Sholomskas, Ph.D., Director of Research at Applied Behavioral Research, LLC, and Kathleen Carroll, Ph.D., consultant to Applied Behavioral Research, LLC, and Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine, where the TSF manual was first developed as part of Project MATCH.


Item: 4143
ISBN-13: 9781616494209
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2011
Earn CE credits by taking the paper test for Twelve Step Facilitation therapy and help clients achieve abstinence from alcohol and foster commitment to participate in AA.
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