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Older Adults in Recovery DVD
Older Adults in Recovery DVD
Aging and Addiction
Aging and Addiction
Get Your Loved One Sober
Get Your Loved One Sober
Love First 2nd Edition
Love First 2nd Edition
Everything Changes
Everything Changes
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eBook The Lois Wilson Story <br/>Now a Hallmark Hall of Fame special, When Love is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story, is the biography of Al-Anon creator and wife of AA cofounder Bill W.

eBook The Lois Wilson Story
When Love is not Enough, The Biography of the Cofounder of Al-Anon.
Author: William G. Borchert
Item: EB7307
424 pp.
eBook Hi I'm Bill and I'm Old <br/>Beginning with the admission that we are as powerless over growing old as we are over our addictions, Bill takes readers on a journey of discovery and, in doing so, overturns the cliches of age, revealing how he was able to let go of old ideas about "self," experience meditation in a new light, and discover the virtues of simplicity.

eBook Hi I'm Bill and I'm Old
Reinventing My Sobriety for the Long Haul
Author: William Alexander
Item: EB7399
200 pp.
eBook When Reality Bites Learn how to use denial to help you when you are facing tragedy and how to recognize and move past denial when it becomes counterproductive. Through a fresh and comforting perspective, Parker takes the shame out of denial with practical and relatable solutions to uncovering, reframing, and harnessing this very normal coping technique. Hands-on exercises and compelling personal stories help you apply this information to your situation and come to accept your need for denial when it helps and break through it to face life's challenges with courage when it hurts.
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eBook When Reality Bites
How Denial Helps and What to Do When it Hurts
Author: Dr. Holly Parker
Item: EB2102

eBook Changing to Thrive <p/>Changing unhealthy behaviors is easier said than done. In this groundbreaking book, you will be guided through a six-stage process designed to help you assess your readiness to change, then tap the inner resources necessary to thrive physically, emotionally, and socially. Through interactive exercises, Changing to Thrive will help you progress through the stages of change and learn that you have the power within to thrive.<p/>
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eBook Changing to Thrive
Using the Stages of Change to Overcome the Top Threats to Your Health and Happiness
Author: Janice Prochaska, James Prochaska
Item: EB4860

eBook What Went Right Learn to change the self-critical stories in your mind and reframe your perception to gain the self-confidence needed to build a more fulfilling relationship, career, and social life. Through practical, easy-to-understand principles and techniques as well as real-life examples, What Went Right teaches you to recognize and intervene on self-defeating thought processes. Through these exercises, you will learn how your thoughts drive feelings that influence your behaviors. By changing your thinking, you can unlock self-affirming feelings and actions needed to become the person you want to be and find happiness now and in the future.

eBook What Went Right
Reframe Your Thinking for a Happier Now
Author: Michael Wetter, PsyD, Eileen Bailey
Item: EB9610