John DeMarco

John DeMarco is a licensed professional counselor and author with a number of interests in the helping field. As an author he has written books for parents, teachers, counselors, therapists, and students. He is a parent educator and conducts parenting workshops and presentations. As a parent educator he has written a parenting book entitled More Than Love: Skills for Parents. For teachers, counselors, and other school professionals he has written books for starting and maintaining successful peer helping and peer mediation programs. He has also written books for junior and senior high school students who want to become peer helpers, tutors, and peer mediators. He has also written a group facilitator's guide for counselors and therapists who work with adolescents in counseling and support groups. He is a school counselor and substance awareness coordinator in the public schools of Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. Helping students and their parents is a dedicated interest of John's and has been the source of his motivation for writing.