Cynthia Orange

Cynthia Orange is a writer, editor, creative writing instructor, and writing consultant who has authored five booklets for Hazelden and co-authored the best-selling meditation book Today's Gift. She has published over 450 articles, columns, and guest editorials, including several award winners. She lives in West Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Cynthia brings equal parts information and inspiration to this pragmatic yet soulful guide for single moms. Managing time and money, juggling the demands of work and child care, balancing personal needs with parenting responsibilities-these are the everyday concerns Orange addresses with preach-free common sense and welcome candor. Interwoven with firsthand stories and experiences, Sing Your Own Song resonates with affirmation and support for single moms everywhere.

  • Books
  • Take Good Care
    Finding Your Joy in Compassionate Caregiving
    Softcover, 220 pp.
  • Shock Waves
    A Practical Guide to Living with a Loved One's PTSD
    Softcover, 204pp