It's time for something new. A new direction. A cognitive-behavioral therapy program. Spanish workbooks now available!
Justice-involved men with substance use disorders can find hope and reduce their risk of relapse and recidivism with A New Direction -- a flexible, evidence-based program that guides participants into recovery from substance use disorders and desistance from crime. Watch the videos below to learn more.
Download a free sample of the first module, Introduction to Treatment.
A New Direction changes lives. Here's how:
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Customizable Curriculum

This best-selling curriculum's modular design makes it easy to customize treatment plans and target each client's specific needs. Created in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Corrections, A New Direction uses cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based practices proven to avert unhealthy thought patterns and maintain long-term success within criminal justice populations.

There is an easy-to-read corresponding participant workbook and new companion video for each of the seven modules. A separate Facilitator Guide provides direction on program implementation and administration.

Demonstrated Results

Compared to untreated offenders, justice-involved clients who participated in A New Direction or a similar treatment program demonstrated:

  • Reduced relapse rates
  • Reduced recidivism rates
  • Greater recovery meeting attendance
  • Healthier thought patterns

In addition, facilities that implemented the program saved money in jail costs. View the complete research here.

Demonstrated Results
Free Webinar. Learn how to reduce recidivism and meet each client's specific needs with the updated A New Direction. Watch Now

A comprehensive Facilitator Guide and accompanying video include everything you need to jump into lessons and maintain program fidelity.

  • Instructions for each module
  • Best practice recommendations from skilled clinicians
  • Session guidelines for group delivery
  • A USB flash drive full of reproducible materials

A New Direction: The Criminal and Addictive Thinking DVD

Short, digestible companion videos for each module correspond to workbook content and include inspiring stories from past program participants. Videos include closed captions and Spanish subtitles.

A New Direction: Module Collections of the Facilitator Guide book, and the Criminal and Addictive Thinking book and DVD
Each module collection includes 100 workbooks (English), a companion DVD, facilitator guide, and flash drive containing reproducible materials and a variety of quality assurance tools.

Get the most out of A New Direction by implementing the complete seven-module curriculum and guiding justice-involved clients from Introduction to Treatment to Preparing for Release

  • 5 Facilitator Guides
  • 1 DVD of each module
  • 100 Workbooks of each module (English)
  • 25 Bronze medallions


We offer customized training options that assess site-specific needs and help prepare for seamless program implementation. For more information about training options uniquely suited to your organizational needs, contact your sales consultant at 1-800-328-9000.