Implementation Training

Impleneting Product Training

Implementing a new program or curriculum doesn't need to be an overwhelming endeavor, and you don't
have to do it alone. We offer consultations, trainings and ongoing support for many of our top programs to ensure maximum fidelity all the way through.
Benefits of implementing a training or support solution include:

  • Assurance that you're choosing the right program or curricula to address your organization's
    specific needs
  • Access to expert knowledge that will provide a deep understanding of the issue(s) your organization
    is trying to address
  • Training and support from individuals with extensive backgrounds in the areas of the programs they
    train on – whether it's education or behavioral health
  • Ongoing support from trainers with a deep familiarity of curricula, providing you with effective
    support to navigate any roadblocks you may encounter

Through a broad range of consulting, training and ongoing support across the continuum of care, we
offer customized solutions for many types of organizations. Our team is committed to helping your
organization do better every day for those you serve.

Here are just a few areas of focus:

  • Addressing the opioid crisis in states and communities
  • Opioid-use disorder intervention, treatment and recovery featuring the COR-12 Model
  • Program implementation using evidence-based curriculum
  • Co-occurring disorders treatment
  • Trauma-responsive care
  • Treatment for justice-involved clients in correctional facilities and communities
  • Peer recovery coaching using Hazelden's My Ongoing Recovery Experience (MORE)
  • Grant writing assistance
  • Prevention of substance-use disorders in schools and communities
  • Social and emotional empowerment using the "Building Assets, Reducing Risks (BARR)" Program

With the exception of our open COR-12 Leadership Trainings, our trainers and consultants travel to your location and work directly with your leadership and staff.
Let us help you improve the communities you serve.

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Implementation Training

Browse Available Training's Below:


  • Building Assets, Reducing Risks (BARR)
  • Olweus Bullying Prevention Program


  • Safe Dates
  • Too Good for Drugs
  • Project Northland & Class Action
  • Model Smoking Prevention Program


  • Marijuana Brief Intervention
  • Teen Intervene
  • Exploring Trauma
  • Healing Trauma


  • Living in Balance
  • The Matrix Model
  • Twelve Step Facilitation
  • Co-occurring Disorders Program
  • Severe Mental Disorders Program (IDDT & IMR)
  • Beyond Trauma
  • CANDIS Marijuana Treatment


  • A New Direction
  • The Matrix Model for Criminal Justice
  • Responsible Decisions DUI Program