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BookAid Reflections

Each year, the Hazelden BookAid Program receives hundreds of
letters of thanks from those who have benefited from our free
books and resources. Here are just a few notes of gratitude from individuals and leaders of organizations in need.

From a woman in early recovery

"Amazingly, I received the wonderful books that you sent to me today, Saturday! I had thought they would arrive on Tuesday, so this was a small miracle. That you arranged for them to be donated and sent quickly is a confirmation that joining AA and not drinking, one day at a time, is the right thing to be doing. I so appreciate your warm wishes; this makes me feel so wonderful. Thank you very much; I know this will help my recovery greatly."

From staff member at an adolescent treatment center

"Just to give you an update, the kids have been going after the books you sent like tigers after raw meat. The biggest problem is that some of them are hiding the books so they won't have to give them up to the next person. I have one kid who has read six of the books you sent, cover to cover. Every time I see him, he wants to know if I have another book he can read on recovery. I am rotating the books from kid to kid as fast as the one who has a book will relinquish it.

"The staff has also borrowed several of the books. It is almost harder to get them to bring books back than it is with the kids. Several therapists have reported that the kids are starting to discuss what they are reading with them. Two are now using A Gentle Path through the Twelve Steps with severe abuse victims.

"Again, I can't tell you how much good your gift has done and is continuing to do. It is possible in June that we may get some more resources. If that happens, I will definitely be using it with Hazelden."

From a Hurricane Katrina survivor

"Thanks so much for the Hazelden materials you've sent me. My home flooded during Hurricane Katrina and there have been many deaths and suicides in my community. Despite what you see on the national news, it is desolate here--the closest thing to a third world country in the U.S. Recovery is slow in New Orleans. The libraries flooded and have not yet been rebuilt. My husband and I are living in our flooded house. The material you've sent me has helped me tremendously!"

From a chaplain's clerk at a state correctional center

"I am a recovering alcoholic, an inmate, and serving as the Chaplain's Clerk. I am writing on behalf of the Chaplain's office in appreciation of the recent donation of the recovery materials that you have sent the institution. We have a library containing spiritual books, audio cassette tapes, and video tapes that are made available to our residents. We also have scheduled AA and NA meetings during the week and we sincerely appreciate donations that help individuals who are seeing a new and different way."

From the executive director of a suicide prevention foundation

"Thanks so much for the generous donation of the Dying to Be Free books Hazelden gave us to support bereaved families. Your generous contribution will help those who have lost a loved one to suicide cope with the devastating trauma of that loss. As a ‘survivor' myself, I know that books--especially those written from the heart and from experience--can be so beneficial."

From a woman in recovery

"While words are not even sufficient, they will have to do: Thank you so much! Recently you sent me the 12 Step Workbook and the 12 Step Prayer Book. They are extremely helpful for my personal daily program. I too am a firm believer in ‘paying it forward.' When I am able, I will certainly contribute what I can to BookAid. Keep up the great work you do!"

From the director of a women's treatment center

"Thank you so much for the recent donation of inspirational recovery literature. Your generous donation ensures the women and children we serve will be well equipped for beginning their lifetime of recovery. Thank you for supporting us with your donation and for your belief in the work we do."

If you have benefitted from Hazelden's BookAid program and would like to share your story with us, click here.

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