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To learn more about COR-12, including ways that you can implement it in your setting, please contact Tim Balow at 651-213-4767 or email him at:tbalow@hazeldenbettyford.org


COR-12™ Leadership Training

Host a 3-day training for your clinical team and staff at your location

The Hazelden Betty Ford COR-12 Model: Blending Science with the Enduring Lived Experience of Personal and Family Recovery.

The pillars of integrated, best-practices treatment, including issues related to utilization of medication in treatment, evidence-based treatment for both substance use disorder and mental health issues, and integration of peer recovery are addressed in this training. Through blending the scientific use of evidence-based practices and the lived experience of recovering individuals and families, you will leave more prepared to offer a complete treatment approach that will fit the needs of the people you serve.

This training will help your staff:

  • Provide current data on the opioid and addiction epidemic and the need for expanded treatment services
  • Learn the importance of promoting a therapeutic response to substance use disorder from a review of societal/cultural vs. individual considerations
  • Use the manual, Integrating the Twelve Steps with Medication Assisted Treatment to guide agency and program change
  • Explain the neurobiology of addiction and specific impact of Opioid Use Disorder
  • Counteract stigma that surrounds both opioid addiction and treatment, paying careful attention to biased language and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Use key talking points in communicating information about medicines in support of recovery to patients and their families
  • Explain pharmacology and implications associated with medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid Use Disorder specific to diversion, retention and outcome measurement
  • Evaluate and revise care for families who are affected by opioid addiction
  • Learn methods to communicate more effectively with professionals from other disciplines on a multi-disciplinary team
  • Integrate MAT with 12-Step concepts and evidence-based therapies
  • Learn programmatic elements to conduct an opioid use disorder support group

For more information about COR-12, including ways that you can implement it in your setting, please contact Tim Balow at 651-213-4767 or email her at: tbalow@hazeldenbettyford.org