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A New Direction is an evidence-based program that delivers targeted treatment that helps offenders recognize and overcome criminal and addictive thinking patterns through a cognitive-behavioral approach. Modules that can be used together or as standalones include: Intake and Orientation, Criminal and Addictive Thinking, Drug and Alcohol Education, Relapse Prevention, Socialization, and Release and Reintegration. Built in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Corrections, this comprehensive program is the gold standard for correctional facilities, drug courts, probations and community corrections. Training is available.

Living in Balance draws from cognitive, behavioral, and experiential treatment approaches with a strong emphasis on relapse prevention. With over 47 unique sessions in the full program, it was designed to be effective in both group and individual settings and used in all levels of care and program types. Developed by Danya International and tested as part of a NIDA-funded project, Living in Balance is a clinically validated, evidence-based program that has been proven to retain clients longer in treatment and reduce alcohol and other drug use. Training is available.

The Matrix Model for Criminal Justice Settings provides adults in a variety of correctional settings including jails, community corrections, probation programs, drug courts, and prisons with the structure of an evidence-based treatment experience while combining education on both substance use and criminal thinking and behaviors. Based on the award-winning Matrix Model, this program has been specifically adapted to meet the unique needs of law-involved clients and includes a focus on criminal thinking, re-entry, and adjustment issues. Training is available.

Moving On draws from evidence-based treatment models and provides at-risk women with alternatives to criminal activities by encouraging: personal responsibility and motivation for change; expanded connections and healthy relationships; skill enhancement, development, and maintenance; and relaxation and stress management skills. Email Orbis Partners for training information.

Co-occurring Disorders Program is an evidence-based program that addresses issues that directly impact clients living with a substance use disorder and non-severe mental illness. Training is available.

Hazelden Community Corrections Program helps law-involved clients gain the necessary socialization skills to reintegrate into their communities, and concrete strategies for living a productive, responsible, and sober life.

Beyond Trauma is an evidence-based, twelve-session curriculum is designed to help women and girls recover from the effects of trauma in their lives. The curriculum is based on theory, research, and clinical experience and can be implemented in any type of institutional or correctional setting.  Training is available.

Exploring Trauma is a six-session, gender-responsive brief intervention which addresses the trauma experiences of men, designed for working in a setting where a short-term intervention is needed. Training is available.

Healing Trauma is six-session, gender-responsive brief intervention which addresses the trauma experiences of women, designed for working in a setting where a short-term intervention is needed. Training is available.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for PTSD is a research-driven approach for persons with trauma-related psychological symptoms. This robust program is built on scientific evidence, and designed to increase your effectiveness and positive outcomes when working with clients who have trauma and PTSD related issues. Training is available.

Helping Women Recover helps women in any type of correctional setting by integrating the theories of psychological development, trauma, and addiction treatment.

Living Skills is a video-curriculum that is divided into two unique components: Personal Growth and Practical Guidance. It provides the tools necessary to help clients live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Hazelden's Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Program (REBT) guides treatment clients in developing the capacity to identify and choose positive alternatives to negative patterns. Videos, workbooks and pamphlets address numerous topics and provide excellent resources for long-term aftercare.

Earnie Larsen Curriculum helps clients in institutional settings and community corrections address anger, reconciliation, and emotional management while providing guidelines for daily living.

The Turning Point is a compelling video that includes interviews with offenders in different stages of recovery and reintegration and teaches strategies to create a healthy environment, avoid relapse, find positive support, and more.

Marijuana Brief Intervention is a highly customizable, evidence-based program that employs cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and stages of change. It also uses an SBIRT approach to help youth and adults manage, reduce, and stop marijuana use.

Teen Intervene is an evidence-based, comprehensive collection provides anyone skilled at working with youth an easily administered, low-cost SBIRT program to help them self-identify a substance use disorder, while providing plans for intervention, and guidance through the referral to treatment process.

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