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Inspirations from Hazelden

For those in recovery, daily meditation books provide a reminder of the importance
of gratitude and peaceful thought. Inspirations from Hazelden, a new free app available on
the iTunes app store, contains excerpts from over 30 best-selling meditation and self-help books that provide a daily message of hope you can carry with you any time, and any place.

Inspirations by HazeldenThe First Promise
"We will know a new freedom and happiness."
--Big Book

A new freedom and happiness for us is an almost un-believable Promise. Before recovery, we had little choice and less freedom. Everything we did had to be set up to meet the demands of our compulsion. Try as hard as we possibly could, we could never prevent the consuming urge of our addiction. A powerful compulsion took over all our waking hours.

Our lives were controlled by our desires. There was a constant need to bow to the demands of our addiction. It made all our decisions for us. There was no freedom and only a small bit of happiness at the very best. We always had to "pay the piper," and we knew it. We were slaves, like it or not. When freedom came with abstinence, so came joy, gratitude, and love for others and ourselves.

I once believed that I could control my addiction. When I found it wasn't possible, I felt deep depression, guilt, shame, and remorse. I felt I no longer had freedom. Recovery finally gave me a choice. Promises do come true.

This inspiration is from Easy Does It: A Book of Daily 12 Step Meditations

Seeking Freedom
If we want freedom from addiction, we must start the process ourselves. Then we must accept any help offered and follow the direction of our Higher Power. Recovery does not come to us without effort. First we seek abstinence; we want to be clean and sober. Later, we look for the joys of living.

It often takes months and years to grasp the principles that will set us free. But free of what? At first, freedom from alcohol and other drugs; then, freedom from fear and from anything else that binds us. To become free, we can begin seeking our principles and our truth today.

Am I seeking freedom?

Higher Power, help me become free from the things that bind me.

Today I will work toward freedom from ______________

God help me to stay clean and sober today!

This inspiration is from Day by Day: Daily Meditations for Recovering Addicts

Finding Our Way
Today is a journey toward managing our illness, a journey toward acceptance of a Higher Power and of ourselves, a journey toward a better tomorrow.
Sometimes we will stumble and fall; at other times we will face little resistance. We will find opportunities for growth, acceptance, and change. If we remain patient and seek direction from our Higher Power, we will find our way.

Today, do I realize that life is a journey, and that each step helps me find my way to the next?

Thought for the Day
My journey is unique and sometimes unpredictable. Yet I will not lose my way if I stay open and pay attention.

This inspiration is from A Restful Mind: Daily Meditations for Enhancing Mental Health

Excerpted from Inspirations from Hazelden, a free app available from Hazelden on the iTunes app store.

Inspirations by HazeldenInspirations from Hazelden

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Recovery Matters, May 2013

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