Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP)


An affordable digital subscription that provides teachers with unlimited,
easy access to tools and training for leading discussions and activities
that help kids develop social and emotional skills.


$1,000 per school for a 3 year subscription!

Save $200 per school when purchased with the  School-wide kit

Bullying K-5 DVD    Bullying Graded 6-8 DVD

Bullying: Introductory Videos

This set of two videos was created to help students, staff members, and parents come to a common understanding of the definition of bullying, the impact bullying can have on all involved, and what steps can be taken to address and prevent bullying. The user guide includes discussion questions and a suggested outline to present these videos.

Class Meeting K-5 DVD Set    Class Meetings High School DVD

Class Meetings and Individual Interventions

Class meetings and individual interventions are necessary for successful implementation of the OBPP. This set of two videos gives school staff the knowledge, skills, and confidence to conduct class meetings about bullying and intervene when it occurs. The How-To Guide offers suggestions for presenting one or both of these topics to teachers, school staff members, parents, and others.

Class Meetings That Matters K-5 Manual  Class Meetings That Matter Grades 6-8 manual  Class Meetings That Matter Grades -12 Manual

Class Meetings That Matter

Each of these easy-to-use manuals provides a school year's worth of activities to build a positive classroom climate. Engaging ideas and topics reflect the cognitive and social development at each grade level. In addition to bullying specific topics, discussions also include topics relating to communication, feelings, and accepting others.

More Class Meetings That Matters K-5 Manual  More Class Meetings That Matter Grades 6-8 manual  More Class Meetings That Matter Grades -12 Manual

MORE Class Meetings That Matter

These easy-to-use manuals provide additional ideas and topics to extend class meeting efforts and engage students in social and emotional learning. Topics include understanding visible and invisible disabilities, promoting acceptance of all students, communication and other bully-related topics.

Cyberbullying Grades 3-5 Manual with CD-ROM   Cyberbullying Grades 6-12 Manual with CD-ROM

Cyber Bullying Curriculum

These five-session curricula provide teachers with tools and resources to help students understand why cyberbullying is so harmful, learn skills on respectful cyber communication, and how they can get help when cyberbullying occurs. Parent resources and guides for creating school policies are also included.

Community Youth Guide 

Community Youth Organization Guide

Extend the OBPP beyond your school walls and into your community with resources tailored especially for youth-serving organizations. This guide offers youth meeting activities, a youth survey, a leader guide, and resources for youth involved in bullying incidents. A parent guide helps families reinforce your bullying prevention efforts.


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