Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP)


The Starter Kit offers a broad introduction to the topic of bullying and includes administration  of the full Olweus Bullying Questionnaire  to understand how bullying impacts students. Call for pricing!

Olweus Bullying Questionnaire (OBQ)

An important planning tool before and after program implementation. The full OBQ is administered to all students before the program begins and at regular intervals from then on. Your school's results are compared to a national database, and you will receive a standard report that interprets the results. Average cost is about one dollar per student and multiple delivery formats are available.

  • Online | Quantity discounts available.
  • Printed with scanning services | Sold in packets of 30.
  • Interactive whiteboard | Includes packet of 30 answer sheets.
 Bullying K-5 DVD  Bullying 6-8 DVD  Bullying: Introductory Videos

This set of two videos was created to help students, staff members, and parents come to a common understanding of the definition of bullying, the impact bullying can have on all involved, and what steps can be taken to address and prevent bullying. The user guide includes discussion questions and a suggested outline to present these videos.


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