Hazelden Publishing Mobile Applications

Privacy Policy

Effective: February, 2017

Please read carefully before using this app.
Your privacy is important to us. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to let you know what information we collect through this app, how we collect, use and share that information, and how you may view, correct or change the information if you should desire to do so.

We do not collect your name, address, email address or other personal information and you are not required to register with us or to provide any personal information in order to use the app.

This app may allow you to select responses to certain situations or conditions identified in the app, to enter text and photos, to save any information you have entered and to share certain information which you have selected or entered with your friends. We will receive notifications when you use any of these functions of the app, but except as outlined below, we will not have access to any information you enter using the app. We do not receive any information about your identity or location when using the app or about the type of device you use to access the app.

We may use de-identified aggregated data from users of the app:

  • to determine how the app and its features are being used, including the number of times a particular feature of the app is used or the frequency of use of that feature
  • to determine if updates, revisions or additions to the app are necessary or desirable
  • for and as a part of any research studies which we may conduct

Also, we may use de-identified aggregated data from users of the app:

  • to the extent required by law, legal process, litigation or court or government agency order
  • if determined necessary or appropriate by us, for purposes of national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance
  • to enforce our Terms of Use for use of the app

If you acquired the app from an organization, we may share with that organization de-identified aggregate data from all users who acquired the app from the organization, unless you've opted out of data sharing in Settings.

If you use the Reset Sober Days feature of the app, we will receive notification of your use of this feature and the number of days you enter. If you use the SOS feature of the app, we will receive notification of your use of this feature but we will not have access to the name of your sponsor or other contacts. We will not receive or have access to any photos or other personal information in connection with your use of the features of the app.  

You can opt out of general data sharing for your use of the app in the Settings.  

From time to time we may send inspirational or motivational messages through the app. Also, we may send messages to notify users of other Hazelden products which may be of interest. You can opt out of receiving these messages in the Settings.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our use of any data collected from your use of the app, please contact us via email at: subscriptions@hazeldenbettyford.org.