Join forces

The impact of the opioid epidemic is felt in families, law enforcement, health care, schools and virtually every segment of society. Hazelden Publishing's Solution and Training team has joined forces with communities throughout the United States to hold events created with Hazelden Publishing's Heroin and Prescription Painkillers:
A Toolkit for Community Action
. By partnering with community leaders in health care, treatment and law enforcement—along with community coalition groups— thousands of individuals are more aware of the dangers of heroin and prescription painkiller misuse, as well of the hope of recovery from addiction.

One-Day Community-Wide Mobilization Training Events help community leaders:

  • Understand the history and current impact of heroin and prescription painkiller use in their community
  • Identify resources for opioid use prevention, intervention and referrals to treatment
  • Develop a community-based action plan for addressing the opioid epidemic

Call 1-800-328-9000 to get started.