Recovery Matters - March 2014 
Stop trying so hard to control things. It is not our job to control people, outcomes, circumstances, life. Maybe in the past we couldn't trust and let things happen. But we can now. The way life is unfolding is good. Let it unfold. 
  -- The Language of Letting Go

Theresa Jacobs-StewartMindfulness and Recovery

A growing body of research indicates that mindfulness meditation can not only help relieve the kind of stress that triggers an urge to use, but can also relieve underlying depression and anxiety as well. Therese Jacobs-Stewart, author and Dan Anderson Renewal Center presenter, introduces this very useful practice.  

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You Need Help!Identifying the signs of mental health problems

Mark S. Komrad, M.D., offers help in identifying possible mental health problems in ourselves.   

Recovery Matters -- Hazelden News

Nurses Professionals ProgramSpecialized substance use treatment for nurses

Some 92% of nurses in America are women, and the nursing profession is historically ranked near the top of the most admired and respected professions in the country. The combination of being one of an elite group of professionals, entrusted with high levels of care, and the stigma especially attached to women with substance use disorders, helps us realize the complexity of tailoring an effective treatment program for nurses in recovery.

Recovery Matters -- Hazelden News

Community Events

  • St. Paul Recovery Speaker Series, MN, Jun 3
  • Portland Recovery Speaker Series, OR, Jun 3
  • Being Sober Lecture Series, MN, Jun 12
  • Recovery Cup Golf and Tennis Tournament, MN, Jun 23
  • Save the date: HazelFest, MN Aug 2
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Alumni Events

  • Lilly Alumni Reunion, MN, Jun 5-8
  • Chicago Recovery Retreat, IL, Jun 6-8
  • Second Sunday - Your Grace Will Come, MN, Jun 8
  • Simmons/Lilly Primary Alumni Reunion, MN, Jun 19-22
  • Recovery Cup Golf and Tennis Tournament, MN, Jun 23
  • Dan Anderson Renewal Center 30th Anniversary Open House, IL, Jul 13
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Professional Events

  • Chicago Clinical Connection, IL, May 29
  • Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies Open House, MN, Jun 7
  • Webinar: Addiction in the Health Care Profession, Jun 18
  • Addiction Medicine for the Primary Care Provider Conference, MN, Jun 19-21
  • The Use of Intensive Process Work in Recovery, IL, Jun 21
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  • Ongoing Professional Training
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