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"Our sense of purpose in life is not fixed in concrete. It changes from youth through all the stages of life."

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I am only 14 and I want to die"I'm Only 14 and I Want to Die"

Filled with fear about what I am going to do next, there appears to be no place in the country that can accept a 14-year old with a drinking problem.

Recovery Matters -- Hazelden News

Jerry MoeFamily Recovery Means Children, Too

Kids need to learn how to cope positively with the problems at home, such as parental fighting, verbal violence, broken promises, blackouts, and neglect 

Recovery Matters -- Hazelden News

Elene LoecherAdult Children of Alcoholics: From Shame to Self-Worth

An adult child [of an alcoholic] is someone who responds to adult situations with self-doubt, self-blame or a sense of being wrong or inferior---all learned from stages of childhood.


Recovery Matters -- Hazelden News

Which personality traits could signal vulnerability to addiction?

Adolescence and young adulthood are emotion-fueled years, filled with choices and experiences that shape a young person's character and disposition.


Recovery Matters -- Hazelden News

Dr. Joseph LeeBalancing Nature and Nurture in Personality

When parents start to talk about their child's personality, they suddenly become interested in how it came to be. Why is a discussion about nature versus nurture so important?


Recovery Matters -- Hazelden News

Community Events
Recovery Ride, MN, Aug 22
Pain Pill Problem, MN, Aug 25

Community-Wide Response to Addiction, MA, Oct 1  
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Alumni Events
Third Friday Supper Club, OR, Aug 21
Promises Reunion, MN, Sep 10-13
Northwoods Recovery Retreat, MN, Sep 11-13

Recovery Month Kickball Tournament, IL, Sep 12
Plymouth Reunion and BBQ, MN, Sep 12

The Power of Story, MN, Sep 13
Jellinek Reunion, MN, Sep 17-20
Coastal Recovery Retreat, OR, Sep 18-20
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Renewal Center Retreats
Releasing Resentments, Finding Forgiveness, Aug 28-30
Grief and Recovery, Sep 4-6
Legal Professionals Twelve Step Retreat, Sep 25-27 
Regaining the Integrity of Our Souls, Oct 2-4
A Meditation Journey into an Open Heart, Oct 9-11
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