Living in Balance

A comprehensive and flexible treatment program that provides professionals with unlimited, easy access to facilitator guides, session materials and videos for leading clients out of a life of addiction, and into a life of recovery.


What's inside:

     Evidence-based Program

Living in Balance

Core Program: The first 12 sessions included in the Core Program help clients learn about addiction and address life issues that are central to achieving successful recovery.

Recovery Management:  Customize your treatment program with an additional 25 sessions focused on recovery management. Topics covered include the Twelve Steps, wellness, money, chronic pain, and much more.

Co-occurring Disorders: With such a high percentage of clients presenting with both mental health and substance use disorders, the additional 10 sessions focused on co-occurring disorders is essential in a treatment program library.


  • 275 pages of facilitator guides and files
  • 1,427 pages of client session materials
  • 41 page scope and sequence
       Additional Resources

Drugs of Abuse:  Demonstrates the progression of drug abuse to recovery management, from residential treatment sites to outpatient treatment options and sober living. (90 minutes of video with 23 pages of client materials)

Discover the 12 Steps:  Viewers will learn: What a Twelve Step group is, How to find a home group, What happens during a Twelve Step meeting, What to expect at the first meeting, and How to find a sponsor. (62 minutes of video with 22 pages of client materials)

Digital Recovery Library: Access to over a hundred recovery-related facts sheets with topics that include: addiction, Twelve Step recovery, relapse prevention, mental and physical health, and more. (124 fact sheets with over 340 pages of materials)


  • 152 minutes of video
  • 385 pages of client materials

  • 1-10 clinicians: $1,799 per year
  • 11-25 clinicians: $2,399 per year
  • 25+ clinicians: request a quote

Subscription includes:
All facilitator guides, client sessions, reproducible materials, and videos from the evidence-based program
Additional client education resources, including our most popular videos and fact sheets
Updates and expansions to content within the subscription, automatically and free of charge.

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