Matrix Model for Teens

Ideal for intensive outpatient teen and young adult programs, this subscription provides a complete outpatient treatment program that works for people between the ages of 13 to 25 through the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing. The program includes four core clinical areas that are essential when working with a youth population: individual family therapy, early recovery, relapse prevention, and family education.

     Evidence-based Programs

Matrix Model for Teens and Young Adults:  a complete outpatient treatment program for clients through several therapeutic modalities, including: cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement, couples and family therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, contingency management, and Twelve Step facilitation.

Teen Intervene:  An easily administered, low-cost SBIRT program that helps teens self-identify a substance use disorder, provides a brief plan for intervention, and guides the referral to treatment. Teen Intervene, can be administered in a variety of settings, making it an effective tool for school counselors and health professionals, social workers, psychologists, youth treatment service providers and juvenile justice.


  • 406 pages of facilitator guides and files
  • 168 minutes of video
  • Reproducible client session materials and handouts
       Additional Resources

Youth and Drugs of Abuse - In this compelling new video, doctors and clinicians join young people in recovery to candidly discuss symptoms and consequences of drug abuse, the neurobiology of addiction, substance abuse treatment, and life in recovery. Also included is a CD-ROM featuring reproducible topic-specific materials.

Medical Aspects of Substance Use Disorders - Based on the latest research, Medical Aspects of Substance Use Disorders is an educational video that provides information on the neurobiology of addiction, or how alcohol and other drugs affect the brain and central nervous system. Using the simplest terms, this video explains why, because of changes in brain chemistry, it is so difficult to overcome a severe substance use disorder.


  • 171 minutes of video
  • Reproducible client session materials and handouts

  • 1-10 clinicians: $1,799 per year
  • 11-25 clinicians: $2,399 per year
  • 25+ clinicians: request a quote

Subscription includes:
All facilitator guides, client sessions, reproducible materials, and videos from the evidence-based program
Additional client education resources, including our most popular videos and fact sheets
Updates and expansions to content within the subscription, automatically and free of charge.

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