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Hazelden webinars

Co-occurring Disorders

The Co-occurring Disorders Webinar Series

Earn CEs with Hazelden webinarsIn this series of six unique Webinars, you have the opportunity to learn from leaders from the prestigious Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center about the Co-occurring Disorders Program (CDP). For only $20 per webinar, learners can earn 2 continuing education credits (CE) from NAADAC and 1 CE from APA.

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Select the webinar you'd like to see. You can either search by webinar title or Distance Learning (DL) number

Assessing Organizational Capacity (DL139)
This sets the stage for the entire Co-occurring Disorders Integrated Treatment Series. Learn how you can effectively examine your organization's policies, treatment practices and workforce capability for treating co-occurring disorders.

Screening and Assessing Clients (DL140)
This Web conference provides an introduction to the complexities of screening and assessing people with co-occurring disorders.

Integrating Combined Therapies (DL138)
This Web conference shows how MET, CBT, and TSF can be combined in a stage-wise approach to provide comprehensive treatment for people with co-occurring disorders.

Applying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (DL137)
This Web conference further examines the use of CBT for co-occurring disorders. It focuses on the use of relaxation training, patient education, and cognitive restructuring as ways to help clients gain practical skills that will support their recovery.

Helping Clients Manage Medications (DL136)
This Web conference discusses appropriate medication treatment for mental health conditions in patients living with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders.

Engaging Families (DL137)
The practice of reaching out and engaging family members of loved ones in treatment has been successful where implemented.


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