Cork Database Search


CORK search structure uses Elasticsearch, a big data document database and search engine based on Lucene.

  • Search results will display the first 1000 results only.
  • Searching is based on the exact terms entered.
  • For the most thorough search results, perform separate multiple searches,
    • using synonymous terms [such as "drug abuse" or "chemical dependency" or "substance misuse" or "alcoholism", etc.] and
    • using the various search boxes [such as the "Any Word" or "Descriptor" or "Abstract" or "Title", etc.].
  • Elasticsearch does not support searching CORK for a range of years, thesaurus-based related terms via one search, Boolean searching, word truncation, or exact phrase searching. Searching is by exact entered terms only. [For example, you will find different results for "relapse" or "relapse prevention" or "relapse prevention youth" or "relapse prevention adolescents" or "relapse prevention adolescents school", etc.].