• 7 p.m. Friday, September 22 to noon, Sunday, September 24, 2017



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Finding Your Way to Self-Forgiveness

Center City, MN

Dan Anderson Renewal Center Weekend Retreat

Are you stuck in your story about yourself? Do you hold onto a belief about yourself that simply is not true? The energy of self-forgiveness can assist in releasing both the story and the untrue belief. Through written, verbal, and visualization exercises, we'll revisit the process of clearing away the wreckage of our past. Open yourself to the discovery of renewed hope, acceptance, and love of self by engaging in self-forgiveness.

Dan Anderson Renewal Center
15251 Pleasant Valley Rd.
Center City, MN 55012

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Teesie Vallero

Teesie Vallero is a renewal specialist at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center and on staff at the Midwest Institute for Forgiveness Training. She has a private practice as a forgiveness coach and Reiki master practitioner at the Well: Healing Arts Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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