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Center for Public Advocacy

How to advocate

Become a part of Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's public advocacy campaign

If you are interested in joining the Hazelden public advocacy campaign send an email to, include your contact information and how you would like to help, or just go to our and see what you can do.

Advocate for yourself or a loved one

Know your rights. Don't be afraid to stand up and speak out for the benefits required under the law. Ask questions and get clarification. Negotiating with your insurance provider can be stressful and difficult. Don't give up.

Get training and tell your recovery story

Advocating can be difficult. Read Advocacy with Anonymity for some ideas on how you can advocate.

Go to recovery events in your community

See upcoming events in the recovery community. 


Provide recovery support to people returning to your community from treatment or incarceration

Provide financial support for recovery advocacy in your community

You can donate to the Center for Public Advocacy.

Write letters, call, or visit your elected officials

In order to find out who your elected officials are, enter your zip code at

Your elected officials should know:

this is an issue you and other voters deeply care about

un-treated addiction directly affects nearly 70% of Americans as it drains resources and cripples souls

the disease of addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer

and the solution depends on informed, bipartisan action.

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